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Trouble Nubble Gum

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Trouble Nubble Gum is a future Ukrainian animated film by director Rostyslav Garbar. It is based on the book "23 insults of Petryk Piatochkyn" by Natalia Guzeeva and is a sequel to the cartoon "How Petryk Piatochkyn counted elephants" (1984).





A thought equals action, a name equals man. When Petryk, a schoolboy, just mentally takes revenge on his classmates and erases their names from a letter to him, they disappear from the real world and fall into the land of Baroniia. In order to save them, Petryk must change himself and discover the secret of Baroniia. Together with his friend Katya and teacher Bo-Bo, Petryk goes to Baroniia to return their friends. Petryk turns from an avenger into a hero and conquers the cruel world of Baroniia. 

Petryk ballFlower 1Production

At the end of 2016, Studio KAPI began developing a full-length animated film "Trouble Nubble Gum". The director of the film is Rostyslav Garbar, and the scriptwriter is the creator of the character Natalia Guzeeva. The producer of the project is Michael Margulis.

In 2018, the project won the pitching of the Ukrainian Film Found.

In 2020, "Trouble Nubble Gum" became the only Ukrainian animation project selected for the pitching at Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux.


The film's festival release is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022.



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